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Youth Referral
If you are an youth serving agency, law enforcement agent, school official or juvenile court official and you would like to refer a youth, age 6 - 13, to the Mentoring Program, CLICK HERE to complete the Youth Referral Application. 

Volunteer Information
If you are interested in being an adult volunteer at Y.O.U.T.H. of Wilson, CLICK HERE to complete the Volunteer Application.

Thank you to the community service work sites that partner with us to make a difference every day at Y.O.U.T.H. of Wilson!

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Match Volunteer Mentoring Program
The MATCH Mentoring Program matches young people ages 6 to 13 who are experiencing trying times with positive adult role models.  Our MATCH Mentoring Program is a prevention program that strives to develop successful young people today and future successful adults.  Youth are referred by any youth serving agency, Wilson County  Schools, juvenile court, social services and law enforcement.  

Volunteers work one-on-one, as a couple and/or as a family  for a minimum of eight hours a month for a year with their young friend.  Through Positive Youth Development, youth are introduced to character development, academic skills, career development and heath promotion.  The MATCH Mentoring Program is a prevention program that strives to develop successful young people today and successful adults. This program is funded by United Way of Wilson County and other private donors.

  • Who are the mentors?  Mentors are volunteers that are caring adults over the age of 18 with a valid North Carolina driver's license, proof of auto insurance and reliable transportation may apply to be a mentor.  Mentors complete a background check, interview, reference check and a 3-hour training session.  These volunteers spend a minimum of 8 hours monthly for a year with a young person that they are matched with based on interest and/or needs and/or location.
  • Y.O.U.T.H. of Wilson offers new volunteer training monthly and updated training for all volunteers quarterly, beginning 2013.  You can see our updated calendar under the Resource Tab.
  • YOU can make a difference in a young person's life by just spending a few hours a week by listening, assisting with homework, taking a walk, going to a museum, going to a movie or just letting them work in the yard with you.  Come learn about individual, couple and family mentoring.

Community Service/Restitution Program
The Wilson County Community Service/Restitution Program serves youth ages 7 - 17 for Wilson County Juvenile Court and Teen Court.  The youth are referred to the Community Service/Restitution Program to complete court ordered community service hours.  The goal of this program is to hold juveniles readily accountable and responsible for any damages to the community and/or victims. Youth are placed in a variety of settings, including non-profits and government agencies, to perform these community service/restitution hours and gain valuable life and work skills while completing these hours. 

Community Service Worksites include: City of Wilson Parks and Recreation, Wilson County Schools, Wilson Crisis Center, Gang Graffiti Removal, Wesley Shelter and Adopt-a-Highway, just to name a few.  New worksites are always welcomed.  The Wilson County Community Service/Restitution Program is funded by the Wilson County Juvenile Crime Prevention Council and the NC Department of Public Safety Division of Juvenile Justice and is the match funding is provided by United Way of Wilson County and other funding sources.

Gang Graffiti Removal Program

Information and form will be added shortly

Y.O.U.T.H. of Wilson County is a REFERRAL ONLY agency that provides prevention and intervention services to youth ages 6-17.  These services include Mentoring, Community Service/Restitution and Psychological Services. Referral sources include the Division of Juvenile Justice, the Department of Social Services, Wilson County Schools, law enforcement agencies, Teen Court and other youth serving agencies.

Meet our Staff and Board of Directors!

"To direct young lives by providing positive adult role models through one-on-one contact, to help young people build their self-confidence, and to give them positive examples so our youth will make positive choices.  To rehabilitate juvenile offenders of the law by holding them accountable for their wrong doing, to offer specialized help with homework, and to educate young people on life choices and teen-related issues."


  • Help young people become responsible, contributing members of our community through adulthood.

  • Equip youth with positive decision making tools with negative situations.

  • Give them a sense of belonging, self-respect and love.